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Hey Arnold: The Movie 2 - Return to San Lorenzo

The story begins immediately where "The Journal" had left off; Arnold is sitting by himself outside upon the steps of Sunset Arms when he make an important discovery - there is a map on the last page of his father's journal. In his excitement, Arnold gets up and runs back into the boarding house.

Arnold: Grandma! Grandpa! Wake up! I found a map!

The title "Return to San Lorenzo" appears on the screen. Cut to 2 weeks later in the middle of the day. A mailman holding a brown parcel (not Harvey) knocks on the door on the boarding house. After waiting a few seconds, the door is opened by Arnold. The mailman hands him a clipboard for him to sign a form, then gives him the package.

Arnold: Thanks a lot.

Mailman: You're welcome, Mr...(reads form)...Shortman...(snickers)...

Arnold: Uh, yeah - that's my last name...

Mailman: Right, right...(snickers)...well, you have a nice day...Mr. Shortman...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The mailman bursts out laughing as he walks away. Arnold rolls his eyes and goes back into the boarding house. As he makes his way to his room, he passes the kitchen, where Grandma and Grandpa are sitting and having lunch.

Grandpa: Well, hey there, short man. Whatcha got there?

Arnold: Hi, Grandpa. Just some more information on San Lorenzo. I'm going to do as much research as I possibly can to make sense of the map. It's a long shot, but I feel as though I'm getting closer with every delivery. Every textbook, every pamphlet, every brochure - I can feel it. I'm getting close!

Grandpa: Well, then you keep at it, short man. I'm sure that with time, you'll find what you're looking for.

Arnold: Thanks, Grandpa. Well, I'd better get back to work.

Arnold continues onward towards his room. When he's safely out of earshot, Grandpa sighs.

Grandpa: Oh, Pookie - I'd hate to see him disappointed. I don't want to discourage him, but...

Grandma interrupts him by reaching for his hand.

Grandma: It's okay, Phil. I'm sure that Arnold will understand eventually. Let him search, it's for the best.

Grandpa:(sighs) You're right,'s for the best...

And so begins a montage centered around Arnold as he attempts to uncover the clues that will help him find his parents. He slaves over tons of written literature, makes scores upon scores of notes, and occasionally finds the time for a few impromptu nap breaks inbetween.

Cut to a couple weeks later. Arnold sits patiently upon the steps of the Sunset Arms as the mailman approaches. He watches eagerly as he gets near, but is disappointed when the mailman shakes his head.

Mailman: Sorry kid, nothing today...(snickers)...Shortman...

Arnold sighs and slowly make his way back into the boarding house. As usual, he passes the kitchen where Grandma and Grandpa are sitting.

Grandpa: Hey there, short man. How's it...going...?

Arnold says nothing as he passes by the kitchen entrance. Grandma and Grandpa look at each other with concern on their faces.

Arnold makes his way up the stairs in silent melancholy. When he reaches the top of the stairs, he is surprised to find Mr. Hynnh, Ernie Potts, and Oslar Kokoshka congregated in the hallway.

Ernie: I tell ya, it's not right! He thinks he can just waltz back up in here like nothing happened...

Oskar:...and just when I thought I could work Grandpa over for the room...

Mr. Hynnh:...maybe he's not staying...perhaps he forgot something important..?

Ernie: (sarcastically) Oh, sure, Hynnh - he just realized that he left the light on in his room and decided to come back and turn it off...sheesh, use your head...!

Arnold: What's going on...?

The three boarder are startled out of their conversation by Arnold's question. They look at each other nervously.

Oskar: Well, I guess we should tell him...

Ernie: Keep this under your hat, kid, but uh...he's back.

Arnold: Who's back...?

Mr. Hynnh: Mr. Smith!

The other two boarder glare at Hynnh and hiss "shhhh!"

Mr. Hynnh:(whispers) Sorry.

Arnold: He's back? Wha...well, are you sure...?

Ernie: Oh, we're sure, all right. Kokoshka said he saw someone go inside Smith's room on his way to the bathroom.

Oskar: (while eyes shifting)...That's right...I was heading to the bathroom...and I saw him...and I also conveniently found $20 on the floor...(laughs).

Ernie: Kokoshka, you bum! I've been looking all over for that money! Give it back!

Oskar: Finders keepers, losers weepers...(laughs)

As Ernie tries to pry the $20 bill from out of Oskar's hands, Arnold makes his way to Mr. Smith's door.

Mr. Hynnh: Arnold, what are you doing?

Arnold: I'd better talk to him. Maybe there was a reason why he had to leave all of a sudden.

Oskar: Perhaps he had some unpaid debts...I tend to disappear from time to time whenever forget to pay off a loan or two...

Mr. Hynnh: Or maybe he's running from the law...shudders...I don't like him...

Ernie: Either way, it's not like you'll be able to talk to him - he never talks to anyone...stuck-up jerk...

Arnold knocks on the door. At first, nothing happens. But then, to everyone's surprise, the door slowly creeps open. Arnold takes a step back and looks at the boarders, who all look very stunned.

Arnold: It's okay, you guys - I'll go talk to him.

Ernie: I don't know about you two, but I've got better things to do than waste my life in this hallway.(leaves)

Oskar: Suzie's probably worried - I haven't bugged her about dinner yet...(leaves)

Mr. Hynnh: Oh...this is all so verrrry creepy...!...(leaves)

Arnold enters the room. It is very dark inside and he cannot see a thing.

Arnold: Hello? Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith...?

As Arnold scrambles around in the dark, he accidentally knocks over something, causing him to lose his balance. he grabs blindly onto a string hanging from the ceiling, but he falls to the ground anyway. That string was actually a light switch, and as he had pulled on it, the room was awash with light. As Arnold attempts to get on his feet, his hand slips on something on the ground. Arnold picks up the mystery item and his eyes widen in shock. The item is actually a photo of himself when he was just 2 years old.

Arnold: What...?

It's then when Arnold discovers that the entire floor around him is littered with his baby pictures, the origin being the box which he had knocked over in the dark. Arnold slowly stands and looks around - the room is literally covered in photos of him from when he was a baby to present day. He spots a tv, and a video cassette sitting atop it, labelled "Arnold's Milestones". Arnold pops the tape into the VCR underneath the television and turns it on. On the screen appears Arnold, no more than 2 years old, with his Grandpa by his side and his grandma a short distance away from them.

Grandpa: Come on, Arnold. You can do it.

Baby Arnold leaves the arms of his grandpa and walks slowly into the arms of his grandma. Grandma lifts Arnold into the air and they both cheer; Baby Arnold laughs.

Grandma & Grandpa: Yay, Arnold!

The screen suddenly shows Baby Arnold indoors in a booster chair, about to be fed lunch by Grandpa. At that moment, Grandma charges into the kitchen, wearing a football uniform.

Grandma: Kill the umpire!

Grandpa: Oh, Pookie...!

Baby Arnold claps his hand and laughs.

Baby Arnold: Foo'ba! Foo'ba!

Grandpa: Do you hear that Pookie? Arnold is saying his first word! Sounds like he's saying...

Baby Arnold: Footba! Footba!

Baby Arnold takes the bowl which grandpa was using to feed him and dumps on top of his head, then claps.

Baby Arnold: Footba Hey!

Grandma: Sounds like he's saying "Football-head"!

Grandpa: (chuckles) Well, whaddya know...?

Grandpa scratches his head as Grandma does a victory dance around the kitchen.

Arnold is suddenly startled when he feels a hand rest on his shoulder. Remembering his martial arts training, he instinctively tries to defend himself. This alarms the unknown stranger in a trenchcoat and hat and causes him to fall to the ground. As the hat rolls across the floor, the stranger sits up, holding his head in his hand.

Stranger:(groans) Mi dios...

Arnold: Who are you? Why do you have all these pictures of me? Tell me!

Stranger: It's okay Arnold - there's no reason to be afraid..

Arnold: Who are you...?

The stranger lifts his head and his eyes meet Arnold's.

Stranger: I am a friend of your father, Miles. My name is Eduardo.

Arnold: Eduardo...? But...I don't understand...where is Mr. Smith...?

Eduardo: Arnold...I am Mr. Smith.

End of Chapter 1!
This is the "Shortman" edit of my Jungle Movie fanfic, "Hey Arnold!: the Movie 2 - Return to San Lorenzo".

Why is this called the "Shortman" edit?

1. In keeping with the general consensus of fanon (many fans interpret Craig Bartlett's chat transcripts to mean that Arnold's last name is Shortman, since that is what Grandpa calls him throughout the series). Because of this, Schwartz has been turned to Shortman.

2. Grammar and Spelling mistakes from the original will be corrected.

3. Any other nitpicky things that I want to modify from the original version (will NOT impact the overall story).

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iamthejam Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
Good start.
Patsuko Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Though I'm more of a fan of paragraphs, but this caught my attention. I can hear the voices of the characters saying these things! Good job! C:
ilovekyle2010 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Student Digital Artist
i love it so awesome! Eduardo Omg??!! XD
Teridactyl Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
Just read this up to part 4, but thought I'd comment on the first one :)
Amazing job on this so far - you can see the effort that's gone into it and it sounds very true to the show!
Now I'mma go try find this on Fanfiction and favourite it :D
WallynSimonsGirl Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
PS: The idea of Mr. Smith really being Eduardo is genius. ^_~ Awesome tie in!!
WallynSimonsGirl Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
YAY! You're uploading this to DA! I read it on FF, it's really good! I thik your fan interpretation of the film was practically spot on! I remember being able to see it play out in my head! :dance: I'm glad you're uploading it here too!
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